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Glen River Park Run

I had planned to do the Mallow Castle ParkRun but kind of messed up the timings so left it a little late to try a new ParkRun so far away. So I had a look and the Glen River run was only 15 minutes away so I jumped in the car and put the Sat Nav on. I found the parking fairly easily and parked up nice and early. After chatting with a local he guided me to where the run was taking place. It was a bit of a walk/ jog but down hill and good to warm up to be honest.

I got to the start line about 20 minutes before the due time. Not much was set up but a few people were milling about. A did a quick warm up and took a couple of photos as the location is really rather nice! There was a fairly informal feel to the whole procedure and after a briefing covering the course and the usual guidance it was time for the run.

I never know where to start at these events so I started sort of mid field. It didn’t take too long to have to start to move through the field. It seems that this one is not frequented by a great crowd I should have checked before hand how many people go to this one and the pace they run at.

The course itself is a mixture of tarmac path and pretty even hardcore surface. Probably 60/40 ratio with plenty of undulations throughout the run. A short first lap of about 1k is then followed by two longer laps which takes in one rather steep incline. They do warn you that it’s there and it’s a good climb. Not too long but a good heart raising climb. I just upped the cadence and shortened my step and drove up the hill it’s always fun to pass people going up hills!

I finished and was handed my token 7th! Very happy with that. The scanning and recording was done really efficiently and after I actually had a chat with a couple of people about the run that was really nice.

The run is a well organised if laid back but really friendly. The results came very quickly too which was a real bonus. I’ll definitely be coming back to this one when I’m next in Cork.

Glen River Parkrun
Glen River ParkRun
The results!

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