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Time to decide.

I need to work out just what I’m, going to use for various things. So here we go.

Calendar app. I’ve tried a few and to be honest Fantastical is the only one that I really get on with and although it costs money I think it is worth it as it has all the features I need and have found nothing lacking so far.

To Dos. I have tried Things 3. I did like it I found the interface easy to use and it was a great app, however and it’s a big however it doesn’t integrate nicely with calendar apps it reads the Calendar but you can’t see tasks anyway. It’s a shame as it’s really good. So the one I’m login to use is ToDoist. It’s probably too powerful for just single use but it just works great. I’ve got it set up now and it integrates nicely with my calendar app and all the repeats work well. I can plan all I need to. I look at other apps but for what I want it always delivers and so I’m not going to try out anything else and just delete all other todo apps!

Notes is a tricky one. I keep trying out so many note taking apps and end up trying to almost do too much with note taking. I almost need to define a note.

Note: a brief record of points or ideas written down as an aid to memory: I’ll make a note in my diary | lecture notes.

• a short comment on or explanation of a word or passage in a book or article; an annotation: see note iv above.

2 a short informal letter or written message: I left her a note explaining where I was going.

• a short official document certifying a particular thing: you need a sick note from your doctor.

So there you go if I take this as it should be then it helps with the choice. I have Obsidian and Bear as note taking apps. I like Obsidian and it is incredibly powerful as an idea kind of thing but as a note taking app I think it’s probably just too complicated. Now Bear I also like. The tagging system really works well and the integration with other apps and Safari are pretty useful too. I might look at a few others but so far Bear is the one of choice. I’ve also tried Agenda which also was great but just too complicated for simple note taking app. I didn’t need a time stamped note and organising type thing. So stick with Bear I think and get rid of the rest of them as it can be used for note taking and that’s what I should use it for! I did also publish a WordPress post from Bear and it worked really well but more on this in a minute I think.

Now I have a note taking app this is where I get messed up. Bear is good at notes and writing Markdown the mix up is writing stuff out for publish as PDF or whatever I want to do. Bear can do this but I want to separate notes from longer writing.

Scrivener was fantastic but far too expensive and over complicated for what I needed I think I used it purely for the wrong purpose so it ended up as an expensive mistake. I’m currently writing this in Ulysses. It’s a really simple to use markdown editor but has little in the WYSIWYG editing. However this isn’t really an issue as it publishes into so many formats and all of these can be styled too so very clever and very powerful. It almost is a case of focusing on the writing and worry about whit it looks like afterwards! I’ve also got Craft on the go. Now this is a great editor and the layout tools are really neat. The biggest issue with Craft that I’ve only just found out is that all photos and documents are saved on their servers! You are restricted to the amount you can store without a subscription.I guess if you delete the app all the data goes too. This isn’t an issue with Ulysses. So maybe it’s time to make that choice Craft Or Ulysses? I can publish to my Blog from Ulysses and the sharing is really powerful. I like the way it works and so I think this will be my final choice. Make myself use it and get rid of the rest of the writing apps. Keep Bear and this as my writing software!! Done!

Journaling has always brought me back to Dayone. It’s by far the best one I’ve used and I have tried so many others but always come back to it and pay for the full subscription even though I have the enhanced one as I paid for the full app previously. It’s just so good as a journal.

So now I have it. My apps for day to day use.

  1. Fantastical, Calendar
  2. Todoist, to do management.
  3. Bear, note taking.
  4. Ulysses, Writing reports blogging and other long stuff.
  5. Dayone, Journal.

So these are my apps in my dock on my MacBook now and I can’t see me needing to change for a long time now!

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