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One year on and a change.

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It’s one year to the day that I realised that I needed to lose a lot of weight and get fit. I’ve tried before and given up so many times. I made all the right noises and made a good start but this time I succeeded!

I don’t know why this time it worked but it might be that I spent more time thinking about why it was I put on the weight and made complete lifestyle changes rather than just stopping eating things. I’ve gone for good habits rather than punishment’s and because of this change in plan I feel much better about myself and am really happy with how I am now.

Now the purpose of this post is to try out posting from Bear and then restart the blog and use it for good! Putting down my running exploits etc. So without further ado lets get this blogging thing going!!


I’ve been very lucky so far this last year. I’ve started running and had no real injuries. I think it’s been down to the way I have started. I didn’t actually run at all for the first 4 months of my change in lifestyle. I started my diet and then started walking along with strength and core exercises. This seems to have helped keep me injury free.
I used Apple’s Fitness Plus service for my workouts and followed the beginners series for HIIT and Yoga to start with. The yoga I found great for strengthening my core and helping with my flexibility. Something at my age you really need to think about.
Don’t get me wrong here I’ve had the odd twinge and niggle but nothing that had stopped me running, apart from the COVID-19 isolation period, that was until this week!
Now I don’t know _how_it happened but I ended up with the most painful shoulder pain I’ve had in many a year! I think it was caused by grabbing my laptop bag at an odd angle and then sleeping on it. My shoulder not the bag. I had two days of just struggling through but I decided to act and slept with a booster under my arm supporting my shoulder and a couple of anti inflammatory tablets. Thankfully I got a decent amount of sleep and woke up feeling much better and the pain much reduced.
A further day of rest and I think it’s almost good to go. So back on the road once more.
I didn’t know how I would feel about not being able to run due to injury but I’ve found that I’ve missed it and am
Looking forward to getting out again and the time on the road to just let things go. ParkRun is probably my first thing at the weekend and I think I’ll do a review of it next. Then a nice long recovery run on Sunday.
Here’s to an injury free run!!

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