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Look after your feet!

My biggest problem I have faced so far with my running is my poor feet and more often blisters on my toes! It was OK with the short runs and was using some proper running socks that I got from Sports direct. Their own brand now I believe and all was OK. As soon as I got to running 5k however I started to get blisters on the ends of my toes and although not painful they just didn’t look nice. No phots of horrible toes here you will be glad to hear!

I put up with this for a few months but though there must be something I can do and after I wore a hole in one pair of my socks and it was time to get some new ones I though it time to upgrade the socks.

I decided on some Belega hidden comfort running socks. A bit pricey for one pair but the Amazon but I thought why not?

AS soon as I put them on I realised that these were going to be good. They fit well and felt comfortable just walking around in them and after I put on my running shoes I could feel the cushioning helping my feet.

I ran a 5k in my normal easy pace and although a bit sweaty my feet were in great shape. No extra blisters and feeling rather good. With no signs of wear over the last month or so of running I shall be investing in a few more pairs of these and have learnt that when it comes to running look after your feet by buying some good running socks not the cheapest bright ones!

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