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Lockdowns and how to use them!

The first lockdown in March was OK I had little work to do and the weather was really nice so the garden was top priority. That and a sundowner or two at the appropriate time! I was already quite large but I was I though happy and healthy enough and so it did little to worry me.

I did have some work to do, that’s the joy of being an essential worker. I work in the electrical production sector working on gas turbines. This meant that we had to carry on. This is where it got a little difficult to be honest. Hotels started to shut and then it was more difficult to get food and the only options were delivery services. Just eat and Deliveroo are a mans best and worst friend during these times. It is incredibly difficult to eat healthy on nothing but take outs and then a few beers during or after just didn’t help. This is when I really started to pile on the pounds.

The final straw was getting to Ireland for 36 days. The hotels opened and the hotels did food but that was it and boy did they pile up the food. Big plates and beer and with a restricted menu it really didn’t help at all. This was the moment in time I hit my highest weight.

I returned from Ireland and our friend had a 50th birthday as there was no party we had to do a video. I sat down with my wife and recorded something jolly and watched it back. I was truly shocked to see me on a screen, it was a good job it was a widescreen TV I just sat and stared at it and said” Who is that?!” That was the moment my life changed.

I got on a set of scales and though how bad can it be, the last time I weighed myself I was 14stone 10. This time I was 16 stone 10! Holy crap!! I’m 5’7 this had to stop.

This is when I started the dieting and as I started to lose some weight I thought that it was time to add some exercise into the mix.

I had to go to France for work and I isolated for 10 days. However I was allowed out to exercise for 60 minutes each day so I found a nice little walk and started to do that everyday. I would walk down 7 flights of stairs go for a walk for 1 hour and walk back up the 7 flights of stairs.

I was stuck in this hotel for a total of 30 days and over that time I managed to get from struggling to walk for 5 minutes to walking 5k in an hour. I know it doesn’t sound much but it was the start of how I am now and it’s true it’s all about the first steps.

I was losing weight now and starting to feel better about myself. I continued with my yoga and walking but when I got home I decided that it was time to go for it and try out a couch to 5k program. I downloaded the NHS app and gave it a go. I didn’t really like the interface and it didn’t talk nicely to my Apple Watch so I got the C25K app and started week one day one on that.

After the first walk/run it suggested that I go on to week 3 day one! Well who was I to disagree. However the next thing was get good running shoes! I always failed at this’d kind of thing as I suffered from shin splints. I had tried at least 3 times and never got any further than week 4 due to the pain in my legs making it so uncomfortable to just walk. After the usual research, Reddit, it turns out that get a good pair of running shoes is the suggestion. OK so I did, a pair of Assics GT Express 2000 and off I trotted. I can confirm. No pain at all. I was astonished to be honest. It might be the 2 stone I had lost or not but I haven’t suffered from any kind of pain after getting a good pair of shoes!

Over the next 6 weeks I managed to up to running for 30 minutes non stop. Not at great speed but at enough to get to close to 5k. My first 5k I managed to complete in 35 minutes I was really proud of my achievement and proved to myself that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. The added bonus of this was the increase in my weight loss and the affect on my mental health. I suffered from bouts of depression but is has pretty much gone now after I have been running regularly this has made the diet even better!

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