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Making a financial commitment.

Part of making a habit stick is to make a commitment to someone and a financial commitment. With this in mind I decided that a proper paid up diet type thing was the ideal choice. Strangely enough my Facebook thing had started to put up adverts for a diet program called Noom. I decided to have a look and see what all the fuss was about as it had a fair amount of positive comments.

It seemed to fit the bill nicely as it was a calorie based diet where nothing is out of bounds and seemed that it was designed to look at the why you put the weight on and giving coping strategies when needed. It is a CBT based system and it kind of ticked all the boxes that I was looking for.

I signed up for a 14 day trial and started some of the lessons with a fair amount of pessimism.

With all diets you tend to lose a fair amount in the first couple of days due to losing water more than anything else so I wasn’t surprised that I lost about 4 pounds in the first week however the lessons started to make me think about my personal mental health and the why I put on the weight in the first place. I really got into the diet and the lessons so I committed to an 8 month subscription.

It was about this time when I also started to go out and exercise a bit more. I realised that a big part of my problem was I was eating as though I was working all the time and with the lock down I wasn’t burning off as many calories as required. So I started to do some of the Apple Fitness workouts along with starting to walk a little more each day. I didn’t realise just how unfit I was until I started to do that! I was out of breath after about 2 minutes of walking.

The pounds started to drop off and I kept up the lessons. I had made a fair financial commitment but the app did make it relatively easy to keep up with the tasks.

The more I did the Noom tasks the more of a life style change it started to be. Along with the Atomic Habits book I started to build a much healthier lifestyle. I started to feel a little better about myself as the weeks progressed.

Mixing it up.

The biggest problem I had was eating the same foods each and every day. Although the diet had nothing out of bounds I found that I was eating the same meals in a rotation. Boredom I think is one of those things that makes dieting so difficult to do and I needed to find a solution to that problem. Having loads of cookbooks you would think that it would be a simple case of just spending a bit of time planing and shopping for the new interesting foods. Well yes but one other problem with that is portion control.

Enter Gousto. I had a bit of a brain wave. Why not start one of these home meal delivery things? After a bit of research I decided to give Gousto a go. It was highly rated and the recipes seemed like the kind of things that we would eat and best of all the nutritional information was supplied and fitted in nicely with my calorie goals.

Our first food box turned up and we were rather impressed with the quality of the food and the meal tasted really good. So good that we have been using the service for 6 months now and we have only had a couple of meals that we have gone meh not that good. But that has been a rarity. This gave us 4 healthy evening meals a week which made the rest of the week simple to keep up with the healthy lifestyle. It was truly the beginning of a diet becoming a lifestyle choice rather than a choice.

Next up don’t just eat healthy move healthy!

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