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The way forward.

I started logging some of my foods on the MyFitnessPal app and that was pretty good however I’ve tried that before and after about 6 weeks and losing a few pounds I usually gave up and started to undermine what I was doing by drinking too much or snacking in between meals and not logging them down and then I could honestly say that I was hit and could go back to my usual ways.

What I needed was a plan and it came as a bit of a surprise when I found myself looking in some random Reddit group and someone was on about how he got fitter. He recommended a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. No me and self help books are not great I try to read them but usually give up after the first couple of chapters where all you seem to get is how great they are and just by thinking in some pseudoscience way everything will be great. However this time I got the audio book and listened to the first couple of chapters. I will put this carefully. It didn’t change my life rather changed my outlook on what was possible and more importantly how I could actually achieve it.

I started to take the advice and look at how I could make the small improvements that I needed to make my diet sustainable and the biggest thing was not to look at it as a diet. It isn’t. It’s a life style, I’m a fit and healthy eating person now not someone who is struggling on a diet. By building on good habits and learning to put the bad habits away I managed to make the small improvements needed to take my diet away from being something that I was doing into something I am.

One of the things to make a habit stick is to make a commitment and financial commitments are very good at keeping focus. I had never stuck to a diet as there was never anything to lose except losing the weight and no one to hold me accountable to my commitment. So I joined an online diet thing. Noom it was called an advert came up on FaceBook and it just happened to be after I had read the bit in the book about commitments. So I paid my dues and that was it. I was starting the path to a new improved me!

Next week Noom and I how I started and how its going.

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